3SCity-E2C: Building Software Services in Smart City through Edge-to-Cloud orchestration

We organized the “3Scity-E2C” international workshop from 2020. The first and second series of the international “3SCity-E2C” workshops were organized successfully, as shown details below:
  • The first edition of IEEE 3SCity-E2C was organized in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management (IEEE MDM 2020). The first series of the 3SCity-E2C workshop focuses on the design, implementation, and operation of integral solutions for “Large-Scale Data Management to build Software Services in Smart Cities through Edge-to-Cloud orchestration.”
  • The second edition of ACM 3SCity-E2C was organized in conjunction with ACM International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN 2021). The second series of the 3SCity-E2C workshop focuses on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) challenges in smart cities, mainly concentrate on distributed-to-centralized ML and AI techniques (D2C-ML&AI).
  • This third edition of IEEE 3SCity-E2C was proposed the theoretical foundations and original technical contributions of developing software services and their related “resource management mechanism for software service execution in large-scale IoT networks of smart cities.” The third workshop edition will also highlight how intelligent resource management mechanisms can create through “Predictive and Learning Approaches based on distributed-to-centralized (D2C-ML&AI)” in multilevel ICT architecture of large-scale IoT networks of smart cities. We are interested in novel proposals based on Edge-to-Cloud computing solutions by bringing together industry, academia, engineers, and researchers. Proposals can contribute to all different domains of the Smart Cities (such as transportation, healthcare, energy, and grid) as well as different data analysis scopes (such as cybersecurity challenges and solutions for threat and attack detection, and resource allocation and consumption). However, our special ICT theme for this year is “intelligent resource management mechanism orchestration.” Also, our special business domain themes are
    1. ) “digital Twins for smart building, energy management system (EMS), and neighborhoods,” and our particular interest focuses on “reducing end-use energy demand in building and neighborhoods;”
    2. ) “connected cars and vehicular network solutions.”

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