Our-First-Related Works Proposal
Our-Second-Related Works Proposal

Innovations in Cloud, Edge, and Fog Computing for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries

The realms of cloud, edge, and fog computing are currently witnessing a surge in popularity, profoundly impacting the landscape of smart Industries/Cities/Countries. Traditional servers, faced with the challenge of managing independent, dissimilar, and massive data in the Industries/Cities/Countries, fall short of handling these data efficiently. This workshop aims to address the existing challenges and explore new avenues in the implementation of cloud, edge, and fog computing in smart Industries/Cities/Countries. Additionally, the workshop will delve into the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for efficient data management and analysis, as well as tackle issues related to data transmission, communication networks, and data privacy and security.


The evolution of edge and fog computing has proven instrumental in facilitating time-critical data management in industrial systems, while cloud computing efficiently handles non-time-critical data in industrial applications. The synergy of AI and ML further enhances the capabilities of these technologies for industrial decision-making. However, challenges persist in data communication, transmission, and security, especially in the context of heterogeneous devices and the need for data privacy in smart Industries/Cities/Countries.


The primary objective of this workshop is to foster collaboration and innovation to address the existing research gaps and challenges in utilizing cloud, edge, and fog computing in smart Industries/Cities/Countries. By bringing together researchers from diverse geographical locations, we aim to create a platform for the exchange of ideas, schemes, frameworks, algorithms, and protocols to propel the smart Industries/Cities/Countries landscape forward. In addition to this, we look forward to new proposals for the large-scale management of data, software/service, and cybersecurity in Industries/Cities/Countries.

Topics of Interest (but not limited to):

  • ICT Technologies & Platforms in Smart Environments: Explore advancements in ICT for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Data Management Technologies in Smart Environments: Delve into innovative data management solutions for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Big Data Driven Technologies in Smart Environments: Uncover the latest in Big Data technologies shaping Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Privacy-Preserving ICT Architecture: Navigate through the Ecosystem, Life Cycle, Layered Architecture, and Future Roadmap in Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Innovative Edge-to-Cloud Services: Focus on IoT, smart sensing, and AI technologies transforming Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Serverless & Microservice Architecture for IoT Networks: Discuss scalable architectures for large-scale IoT networks in Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Real-time Applications in Smart Environments: Explore Edge-based or Edge-to-Cloud real-time applications in Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Federated Learning & Privacy-Preserving ICT: Enhance Privacy-Preserving ICT Architecture using federated and distributed learning in Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Edge-to-Cloud Orchestrated ICT Solutions: Develop software services focusing on privacy-preserving and modern ICT technologies in Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • AI/ML in Cloud/Edge/Fog for Various Industries: Embrace AI/ML applications in cloud/edge/fog for smart agricultural, transportation, heavy industries, and logistic networks;
  • Efficient Network Management for Smart Environments: Address end-to-end network management in cloud, edge, and fog-enabled Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality for Smart Environments: Explore VR/AR applications in cloud/edge/fog for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Resource Orchestration in Cloud, Edge, Fog Networks: Optimize resource orchestration for enabling Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Performance Enhancement using NFV and SDN: Enhance cloud/edge/fog computing architecture performance using NFV and SDN for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Intelligent Computation Offloading: Discuss strategies for intelligent computation offloading in cloud, edge, and fog for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Privacy-Preserving Data Handling: Focus on privacy-preserving data handling in cloud/edge/fog architecture for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Intelligent Service Discovery & Recommendation: Explore intelligent service discovery and recommendation in Edge/Fog for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Composition & Collaboration of Edge/Fog Services: Discuss composition and collaboration of Edge/Fog services in Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Robotics with Cloud/Edge/Fog Computing: Unveil the integration of robotics with cloud/edge/fog computing for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Collaborative Multi-Robot Solutions: Explore cloud/edge/fog-enabled collaborative multi-robot solutions for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • QoS Modeling & Optimization: Analyze QoS modeling, measurement, and optimization of Cloud/Edge/Fog services for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Energy Optimization & Cost Minimization: Focus on energy optimization and cost minimization of Cloud/Edge/Fog services for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Distributed Data Integration: Explore distributed data integration of Cloud and Edge/Fog for Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Novel Applications in Cloud/Edge/Fog Environment: Innovate novel applications in the Cloud/Edge/Fog environment for enabling Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Emerging Architecture/Models for AI/ML-Enabled Edge/Fog Networks: Discover emerging architecture/models for AI/ML-enabled Edge/Fog networks in Smart Industries/Cities/Countries;
  • Blockchain Applications in Smart Environments: Dive into the impact of blockchain on Smart Industries/Cities/Countries in the context of cloud/edge/fog.

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